WDKY Cheatsheet #1 | Founders evaluating investors


12 Oct 21

WDKY Cheatsheet #1 | Founders evaluating investors

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Cheatsheet is a bite-sized companion podcast to WDKY where we get straight to the point and reveal actionable tips and best practices that can help your company cheat death.

We know that investors evaluate startups all the time. In this episode of Cheatsheet, my guest Jeremy Tan and I tell you how founders should evaluate prospective investors – and why.

Jeremy Tan and Murli Ravi of Tin Men Capital

Jeremy, my friend and co-founder at Tin Men Capital, is a corporate finance expert. He has been a sell-side banker, a buy-side investor at some of the world’s largest financial institutions, an angel investor and now a venture capitalist. Jeremy has worked on multibillion-dollar IPOs and M&A deals in the US and Asia, as well as raised capital for high growth startups.


Jeremy’s profile: Linkedin


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