Vision, Mission and Values

Headquartered in Singapore, we are a venture capital firm that’s exclusively focused on B2B tech startups with South-East Asia as their primary market of interest.

"We See Value In What May Not Glitter. On Promising Bedrock, We Mine, Hand To Shovel, Relentless, Until The Ore Is Yielded. And Then We Share.

Our Vision

Be a Game Changer that truly improves business and hence lives, for the ecosystem (founders, employees, customers, investors, community), while staying true to our values (1st principles, fairness, work of our hands, positive impact)

Our Values

1st Principles - In-depth study and discernment of values without the distraction of bias or hype

Working Hand-in-Hand - Never condescending but rather, working hand-in-hand with operators to understand and help

Fairness & Integrity - Fair return for Founders, Investors, Customers, Employees and of course ourselves, without exploitation or greed

Positive Impact - At our core, we always ensure our work gives meaning to people and the community

Our Mission

  • To create significant value in industries…
  • …by bringing together People, Capital and Valuable Problems,
  • …so as to create and implement good solutions
  • …that become essential to the long-term success of businesses,
  • Thereby benefiting Founders, Investors and Customers
Believe Core values of integrity and fairness towards all - founders, team, partners and investors
Contribute Purpose-led path to accelerate tech growth in the region.
Partner Partners as co-founders, providing $$ without unnecessary dilution fostering goodwill.
Validate Tried and tested with our own capital since 2016, bringing millions of revenue to startups, upping their valuation by 3-4X


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