Australia’s #1 Workplace Management Solution for the Healthcare Industry

Zipline (formerly known as RateIt) provides configurable visitor & workplace experience management solutions for healthcare and sensitive facilities. Founded by Michael Momsen in Australia, Zipline started by capturing in-moment customer experience, and providing actionable insights based on collective intelligence. The company had quickly gained traction across South-East Asia (SEA), Australia and the UK.

During the pandemic, Zipline was launched for aged care facilities and hospitals, automating tedious visitor management workflows in sync with changing compliance and reporting requirements. The pandemic and the shift to hybrid work arrangements have compounded the complexity of managing people and workspaces, especially in the healthcare industry with strict compliance needs.

Zipline streamlines and enables automated visitor and employee verification processes and provides insights to improve their customer and workplace experience. On top of that, Zipline reduces compliance risks, while providing cost savings via the elimination of manual labour throughout the workflow.

Zipline's Value Proposition

  1. 1

    Zipline is built with the versatility to adapt to complex, changing regulations and compliance needs around visitor management in physical locations, especially in healthcare facilities and sensitive workspaces

  2. 2

    Zipline provides an end-to-end solution that covers all aspects of visitor & workplace management, from compliance, experience management, to on-demand workplace, all through a real-time, seamless workflow

  3. 3

    Zipline enables cost savings by removing manual labour needed in verifying visitors/employees’ info, and checking against building capacity, vaccination requirements, access control to certain parts of the building, criminal records registry, etc


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