IVS (iVideoSmart)

South-East Asia’s Leading Video Management Platform

Established in 2016, iVideoSmart aims to create new ways for publishers and advertisers to generate new revenue through better media engagement, while delivering relevant video contents to viewers in a friendly and less intrusive manner. 

iVS provides a full advertising-based video on demand (AVOD) suite for publishers, consisting of end-to-end solutions from video publishing to ad management, with various features to enhance viewer engagement and improve ad monetisation. In 2020, iVS also launched its programmatic in-stream video advertising marketplace in Southeast Asia, an unprecedented offering to the market.

IVS (iVideoSmart)'s Value Proposition

  1. 1

    iVS’s key value proposition is that it turns video publishing into a profit centre for publishers when this is traditionally a cost centre for publishers due to high infrastructure and software costs. With iVS, not only do publishers save on video OPEX, but they also benefit from improved monetisation on their video contents

  2. 2

    iVS enables publishers to retain control over their ad inventory and branding. This differentiates iVS from other free or low-cost video publishing platforms (e.g., YouTube, Dailymotion), which usually comes with ceding control of video ad inventory and ownership of the viewer relationship

  3. 3

    Being connected to most major SSPs, iVS serves as a single point of access to the largest supply of premium instream ad inventory in the Southeast Asia region to advertisers. Inventories on its programmatic marketplace are aggregated from reputable publishers with original and brand-safe video content. iVS provides advertisers with ad ops services such as error detection, tag management, and demand optimisation


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