Award-Winning One-Stop Integrated Construction Management Digital Platform

Hubble is a technology company that enables construction industry players to improve their productivity, safety & quality –

and ultimately their cash flows and bottomline. Hubble began life helping their customers to digitise their manual processes and has quickly progressed to touch every aspect of construction operations.

Over time, Hubble has dramatically expanded their capabilities by adding automations and intelligent technology integrations that solve real-world customer problems.

Hubble's Value Proposition

Customers track their manpower, machinery, materials, and money flow data on one integrated construction management platform

  1. 1

    Manpower - The market leader in tracking Construction Manpower for safety, productivity and compliance

  2. 2

    Money - Developed algorithms to track Construction Payments and Costs on the largest and most complex projects

  3. 3

    Machines - The market leader in tracking the usage and productivity of Construction Machinery

  4. 4

    Materials - Awarded the prestigious contract by BCA and IMDA to build Singapore’s first digital platform for Construction


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