Smart Retail & Secure Facilities

Brazn started in Jul 2016 when they developed an IoT Operating System (OS) which allowed a user to configure these signals into business cases using their own “Smart Rules Engine”, i.e., a way to set data thresholds and alert options. Tin Men’s viewpoint was that Brazn cannot stay generic and compete with the IoT software giants of the world but should instead pick verticals where they can apply their platform deeply and win market share in SEA.

Brazn heeded the advice and vacated its initial positioning to focus on Smart Facilities and Smart Agriculture. This resulted in two products named Buildos and Agrios. Buildos helps facilities owners to monitor and manage security, crowd-control, and optimise utilities, while Agrios helps soft crop growers to monitor environment variables to maximise crop yield, prevent infestation and increase accuracy in harvest planning.

By end 2018, Brazn had achieved top name traction, with Loxley Co, Ltd inking a long-term partnership to re-sell Buildos to their customers, resulting in immediate installs; secured an Agrios pilot with Sunsweet of Chiangmai for 15 hectares of sweet corn; and scored pilot pick-ups for Retailr with 2 massive convenience store chains, and a few F&B outlets. It had achieved product-market fit across 3 verticals in 1 year. 

Brazn's Value Proposition

  1. 1

    Providing an Open IoT Platform that can integrate and interoperate with other current of future solutions and intelligence modules

  2. 2

    Easing implementation for scale by having easy user configurable modules and leveraging on existing infrastructure and/or easy-to-install sensors


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