Frequently Asked Questions

What do you invest in?

We invest exclusively in B2B or enterprise technology startups. We are keen to meet founders whose businesses share these qualities:

  • Addressing opportunities in any of these sectors: supply chain & logistics, smart cities & real estate, construction, offline/online retail enablement (including travel), agriculture, manufacturing and enterprise productivity
  • Are generating revenue
  • Have South-East Asia (SEA) as their primary market of interest
In which regions do you invest? Do you invest in firms outside of South-East Asia?

We only invest in companies for whom South-East Asia is the primary market of interest at the time of our investment (i.e., they may become regional or global companies in the long run). If you run a company headquartered outside SEA but find yourself – independent of our investment criteria – focusing the majority of your efforts on this region, then it would be natural for you to realign your HQ to somewhere in SEA (often Singapore), as it would be unrealistic to be based outside your primary market of interest.

At what stage of growth does Tin Men invest in startups?

The earliest stage at which we may partner with you is when you are generating some meaningful revenue. At the other end of the spectrum are founders who have figured out their go-to-market strategy in depth and would like to partner with us to scale this out.

Will Tin Men only invest if you can lead the round?

Yes. We are completely open to other investors collaborating with us on a financing round when they can bring value to the company.

What’s the typical size of your first cheque? Do you do follow-on investments?

Our first cheque ranges from a few hundred thousand dollars for early-stage businesses to several million dollars for more advanced ones. We are always the lead investor in our first cheque and commit to leading future rounds too.

I’m at the idea stage and am raising my first round of funding. Should I contact you?

We only invest in companies that have revenue so you would be better off approaching others who invest at this early stage. The best situation for you is to be funded by revenue – building a successful business doesn’t always need venture capital!

Besides funding, what other value does Tin Men provide?

We get involved in the key areas that can make or break a startup in their early stages, namely revenue traction, talent and organizational capabilities. We do this via our extensive network of partners.

I’m raising a large growth round. Should I contact you?

Kudos to you. We are not the most appropriate partner for you at this stage.


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