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October 3, 2017

‘Proptech’ takes buildings beyond bricks and mortar

Hubble is mentioned as a tech proponent in the digital transformation of the brick-and-mortar business of the building and construction sector. Hubble set out to eliminate messy paperwork and is profitable from day one, said CTO Peter Widjaja. They are hoping to scale the highly profitable business into Taiwan or Indonesia, adde


June 10, 2016

A course through Entrepreneurship with Overdrive

A lesson on entrepreneurship through the lens of Overdrive. The feature looked at how Overdrive came to be – from Covexis to its current focus – led by quotes from Zen. Highlights include surviving crises, changing focus, wanting to make a difference and others.


June 1, 2016

No speeding – Overdrive is watching you

A feature on Overdrive’s set-up box that transforms any car into a smart device. Paired with its app, car data such as speed, cornering force and location can be fed to users. This allows companies to mange multiple vehicles at the same time. It also allows for people tracking through NFC stickers, and even to track down stole